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Solved Tech Support

Solved Tech Support is owned and operated by Suzanne Levy.

Solved came about when Suzanne recognised a need for IT help for small businesses. Like all good things, Solved has evolved into something even better and now offers support to primary schools, small businesses, medium sized businesses and home users.

Solved provides computer help in the Hutt Valley and Wellington - especially Petone, Eastbourne, Days Bay, Lowry Bay, Wellington CBD and central Lower Hutt. 

Suzanne has a background in UNIX and is trained in Solaris, she has excellent trouble shooting skills and takes pride in being able to solve pretty much any computer problem. Suzanne specialises in matching the solution to the customer - she gets to know how your business runs and works out how IT can make your life easier. She works with PC / Windows and Apple Mac users and hardware.

Suzanne has extensive knowledge of in the intricacies of mobile information management (i.e. making sure that your iPad, iPhone and PC or Mac all talk to each other!). She has a great understanding of email systems and how they can be managed to your best advantage - especially across multiple devices.


Suzanne can implement cloud storage and backup systems, leaving you to get on with your business - Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive / Microsoft 365 to name a few.


Because Suzanne works with a range of small businesses, she knows the products that are "made for the job" inside out and can help you get the most out of your IT spend!

Suzanne can help you secure a domain name, set up an email solution and design a website - see the website solutions page for more info.


Solved sell a wide range of IT equipment, PCs, printers, networking equipment and all the other bits and pieces that computers and their owners need. Solved is not a reseller for Apple but can advise you on the range of Apple products - as well as repairs and upgrades. 

Suzanne has worked with several not-for-profit organisations and has acquired and implemented Microsoft 365 Business via the not-for-profit portal - saving the organisations hundreds of dollars a year and providing them with world class IT systems.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation!

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