One of the IT areas that I am asked to help with more and more is Family Internet Safety. With children and teenagers having such frequent access to so many devices it can be a bit of a minefield for parents trying to protect them from various harmful content.  I use and recommend a variety of products - every situation and family is different.

All of the products I use have a free version available that I consider to be sufficient in most cases.  More complex situations may require a paid version but in most cases I can find a way of using the free products only.

These are my preferred products:

Mobicip - this is a range of secure browsers and settings that are available for pretty much every platform you can think of - Mac OSX, Windows, IOS, Android and even Chromebooks.

OpenDNS - this is a web filter that can be customised to filter exactly what you want (and don't want). The free product is enough for most households and is based on the OpenDNS enterprise version which is used in schools and large corporations worldwide. There is a little setup required but I can usually get this all working for you in under an hour!

Google SafeSearch - this filters search results rather than websites and is a really good place to start. You need a google account to use it.

Click on the links below for more info - or contact US to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

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